Who is the maid of law? Does she bear a name or a title? Is she a person or a member of staff? Or are these differences that do not make a difference? The electronic journal Ancilla Iuris (anci.ch) deals with the state of the law, projecting answers into time and providing the reflexive mechanisms necessary for doing so.

Ancilla Iuris encourages researchers to publish critical commentaries and analyses of law that assess the wayward legal order in their own, unique way.

Publications on Ancilla Iuris are free of any article-processing charge (APC).

Ancilla Iuris sees itself as a platform for researchers by researches and therefore aspires to meet the needs of authors and readers alike. Suggestions on Ancilla Iuris may be sent to ancilla[at]anci.ch.

For Prospective Authors

Submissions to Ancilla Iuris are welcome at ancilla[at]anci.ch.

The article supplied must be written according to the rules of German post-reform spelling and American English spelling, respectively.

Citations and References are to be given in footnotes. Prospective authors are provided with an EndNote Output Style (available for download here).


Ancilla Iuris (anci.ch) Year, Pages. Example: Thomas-Michael Seibert, Staging a supplement - Judge Adam, Advocate «Liebling» and William, the Detective, in: Ancilla Iuris (anci.ch) 2006, 1-19.

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E-ISSN 1661–8610

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